2 thoughts on “References

  1. Gaven says:

    This was a project called Taste of TAFE, with Canterbury Boys High School, giving them a background in Graphic Design and computers, I had them for two days getting the to create a Magazine.

    Subject: Canterbury Boys magazine project student survey

    Below are the results of the survey we did at the end of the Canterbury Boys magazine project:

    o 7 out of 8 like the project ‘a lot’
    o Half felt it helped them with their reading and writing ‘a bit’ but half thought ‘not much’
    o All of the students felt they learnt a lot about graphic design
    o All of them thought the teachers were very good
    o 5 out of 8 liked doing some of the project at ‘a lot’ and are interested in doing other courses at TAFE.

    The students would have liked more time on the project and two said ‘more freedom’ – presumably meaning their ability to determine the content of the project. If we do this kind of thing again perhaps we could:

    o consult with the students up front about the nature (content) of the project
    o try to do more at the beginning that will enhance the literacy element of the project.

    Tony Garske
    Chief Education Officer
    Petersham / Design Centre

    Phone: 9335 2305
    27 Crystal St
    Petersham 2049

  2. Gaven says:

    From: Community Projects []
    Sent: Tuesday, 8 December 2009 17:05
    To: Hempstead, Gaven
    Subject: Re: Graphic Design Workshop

    Yes, thanks so much and I am sorry, I should’ve given you feedback yesterday, but been soooo busy. Only five young people attended the workshop, which is a shame, but then again you can never predict these things…They were all impressed with the technology and also Gaven’s skills and great approach.

    I have found him extremely approachable, knowledgeable and also fun to work with. We came up with a great product and I am approaching printers now for quotes etc. I want to thank you again for your great work and efficiency in the matter and look forward to our future collaboration.

    Thanks again and please contact me if you have any further queries.

    Kind Regards,
    Janeta Gravche
    Project Officer – Community Development
    Culturally Diverse Community Development Projects
    St. George Youth Services Inc.
    Ph: (02) 9556-1769
    Fax: (02) 9556-2679
    Mob: 0419 544 189

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